- One group: EUR 1.399
- 2-3 groups: EUR 1.799
- More than 3 groups: EUR 2.199
per year
- One group: EUR 1.799
- 2-3 groups: EUR 2.199
- More than 3 groups: EUR 2.599
per year
Included in all memberships:
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Once you have signed up for your international networking group, you will receive more information about your membership, including network group selection. You can also write to us at or call + 45 70 26 08 01.

Do you have questions about our memberships? You are very welcome to send us an email to or call + 45 70 26 08 01 and have a non-binding talk about your options.

Memberships are paid in advance for one year at a time and are renewed continuously thereafter. Prices updated October 2023. NOTE. Consultants and system vendors do not have access to participate in the groups.