Networking group about Digital Employee Experience (DEX) in global companies

This group is for managers and employees working with Digital Employee Experience (DEX) in global companies.

Through knowledge sharing and professional sparring, you will be informed about the latest trends within DEX. Members in this group will receive insights, knowledge, and ideas on optimising the digital experience. You will also have access to a helpful and robust network of like-minded people.

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You get inspiration, knowledge and input for your work from similar companies in this networking group about DEX in global companies. Some of the benefits are:

  • Optimise your digital experience based on confidential and honest answers, tricks and real stories from peers in international organisations
  • Peer and expert evaluations of the latest developments
  • Successful insights from similar organisations’ solutions
  • Lessons learned from both successes and failures shared in confidentiality
  • Knowledge from world-leading experts and practitioners
  • Access to the closed online group for members only
  • An IntraTeam knowledge broker helps you find community members with solutions for your challenges

There are two different kinds of memberships:

Gold membership
Silver membership

Included in all memberships:

  • Presentations, recordings and other material (depending on the format)
  • You may send a substitute to attend the meetings and webinars in your absence
  • Bring a guest once in a while to participate in the meetings and webinars
  • Free bronze benchmark of DEX (Digital Employee Experience), including intranets, digital collaboration and Enterprise Social Network
  • Free access to the network in a transitional phase between jobs

Gold membership:
One group: EUR 1.799 per year
2-3 groups: EUR 2.199 per year
More than 3 groups: EUR 2.599 per year

Silver membership:
One group: EUR 1.399 per year
2-3 groups: EUR 1.799 per year
More than 3 groups: EUR 2.199 per year

To sign up, please send an e-mail to Consultants and vendors are not allowed as members of the group.

The membership is personal as it helps build trust and keep confidentiality among the same group of people. You can always hand the membership over to a colleague, and you may send a substitute in your absence.

The following companies and organisations are members of the group:

  • AstraZeneca
  • COWI
  • Danfoss
  • Danish Refugee Council (DRC)
  • Glencore
  • ING Bank
  • Nets Denmark
  • Nordea
  • Novo Nordisk
  • Technip Energies
  • The LEGO Group
  • AAK Denmark

The list will be updated continuously.

IntraTeam’ role

We facilitate the networking meetings and find inspiring cases and speakers. As active participants, we make our knowledge available to the group as well.

Number of meetings and  size

There will be four networking meeting a year. We aim for 10-12 participants in each meeting.

Meeting agenda

A typical meeting agenda:

  1. Short opening by IntraTeam
  2. Participants introduce themselves, their challenges and solutions.
  3. Participants help with the challenges
  4. Break and networking
  5. An expert presents a topic chosen by the participants. The participants sometimes debate the matter.
  6. Break and networking
  7. The host presents herself and their DEX, successes and challenges

The members decide on topics for each meeting in this networking group about intranets, digital workplaces and DEX in global companies. Examples from similar meetings:

  • Top management support for DEX
  • Organizing DEX – Who owns DEX
  • Intranet, collaboration and ESN in the same interface
  • Best practice on how to work with your editors
  • Data driven internal communicators… How do we do it?
  • Members share their intranet home page and the idea behind
  • Which tool when. Making sure employees are choosing the right solution for their communication or collaboration.’
  • Digital literacy
  • Data privacy legislation
  • Information model

Future events

As a member, you will have access to these events as well.

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