User survey of your company’s intranet

Our user survey is quick to fill in and gives you valuable and tangible knowledge about the quality of the content on the intranet. Combined with the IntraTeam DEX benchmark, you will get a solid and supported basis for the continuous work associated with developing and improving your intranet.

Apart from serving as an internal frame of reference, your results in both surveys can also be measured against the scores of other companies, including the winners of the IntraTeamPrize.

Facts about the user survey

It is possible to customize the user survey to your different target groups, geographies and locations.

The user survey reveals what your colleagues think of the primary strengths and weaknesses of the intranet within these areas:

  • The intranet homepage
  • Content on the intranet. Is it updated, relevant and comprehensible?
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Usability
  • Does the intranet give value as a working tool?

In the comment box, the users can add their input. Their comments are often very valuable.

There is no upper limit as to the number of replies. It varies a little how long it takes to prepare the user survey, but the whole process of designing, setting up and running it can usually be done in a couple of weeks.

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User survey with result report:

  • Members: EUR 1,000
  • Others: EUR 1,400

If you are considering combining the user survey with the IntraTeam DEX benchmark, please contact us at or +45 7026 0801 for more information.

The prices mentioned above are all excluded from VAT.