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Kurt Kragh Sørensen‘s compilation of interesting trends and articles from the past week.

The topics are e.g. intranet, digital workplaces, Microsoft/Office 365, SharePoint, internal communication, internal search, and the future of the digital workplace. You will also hear about upcoming events and webinars.

Kurt Kragh Sørensen is a passionate soul in the industry. This was especially evident when he in 2019 won the Intranet Now Diamond Award, which is given to a person who makes a special contribution to the intranet community. Kurt received the award for being an influential person who shares his vast amount of knowledge about intranets and digital workplaces.

Previous issues:

I really enjoy the weekly IntraTeamNews

Siglinde Goeckel
Global Head of Knowledge Management, Simon Kucher & Partners

IntraTeam newsletter is the best way to be on top of the digital workplace news, strategies, events and tools. A weekly must!

João Pedro Folhadela Lemos
Digital Workplace, TAP Air Portugal

I love the newsletters!

Paul Keijzers
Founder, KbWorks

I’m looking forward to your newsletters, they always contain nuggets of interesting information.

Per Arne Kobbevik
Intranet Manager, Norwegian Red Cross

I subscribe to your excellent newsletter, it is by far the most interesting newsletter I know of, so I read it with great interest every week.

Ingrid Lund
Knowledge Management Systems Manager, Redd Barna
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