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Our team is always ready to help you and answer questions about our work with the intranet and the digital workplace. Our most important task is to create the right framework so that you can create a valuable network of like-minded people. Furthermore, we also make sure that you can get knowledge sharing for your work with the intranet and the digital workplace. Our team do this through the work with events and webinars. We would love to hear from you if you have input, comments or questions about our work. It may also be that you have a good idea for a new collaboration, network group or event.

We have an office on Mariane Thomsens Gade in Aarhus Ø. Here we sit together with Innovation Lab. Our Swedish sister company IntraNätverk is headquartered in Malmö.

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Get inspiration through our many different events and webinars on intranet and the digital workplace including Mircosoft/Office 365, SharePoint, internal communication, change management, internal social media, knowledge management, collaboration, and much more.