Webinar: The six symptoms of broken hybrid working, and how to fix the cause

Hybrid working
  • 15/11/2022
  • 09:00 to 10:00
  • Microsoft Teams

As we find our way with hybrid working, if we don’t define new ways of work, we end up with the following symptoms of broken hybrid:

  • Always on, constant interruptions
  • Rigid days full of unnecessary meetings
  • Digital silos
  • Too many tools
  • Lack of clarity on where AND when we work
  • Delivery focus over problem solving

This session focuses on the cause: bad digital leadership. We’ll find new habits and techniques that will help your team find their hybrid way of work. We’ll be using team building game cards that have been adopted by government departments and global organisations.

Key take-aways:

  • Typical causes of unproductive hybrid teams
  • Key digital techniques to improve productivity
  • Digital habits leaders need to adopt to be effective hybrid leaders

Webinar with Andrew Pope, Owner and Facilitator at Designing Collaboration.

Andrew advises government and private sector organisations on hybrid working and coaches digital skills to leaders and teams. He helps them to move to modern working practices such as asynchronous, open and safe, and to overcome common issues such as ‘always on’, too many meetings, poor communication and lack of confidence in moving to Teams from email.
Andrew has worked with UK Government departments and global industry leaders to move their practices to collaborative, open and smarter ways of work.

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