Webinar: How can DEX improve your intranet?

  • 09/05/2022
  • 14:30 to 15:30
  • Microsoft Teams

What does digital employee experience (or DEX) do for your intranet and digital workplace? How does thinking about DEX and using its methods create better digital platforms for internal communications, services, and collaboration?

Christiaan W. Lustig, co-author of the world’s first book on DEX, talks about how we as practitioners can use digital employee experience as a way of thinking as well as a set of tools and resources to help create better digital workplaces in general and intranets in particular.

He will cover questions like:

  • What is digital employee experience (or DEX) really?
  • How can we reflect and work on DEX in our own organisations?
  • Which practical resources are involved with DEX?
  • How does DEX help to demonstrably improve our intranets?

In this webinar, we will also have plenty of time to ask questions, and discuss the relationship between DEX, the digital workplace, and intranet in our own day to day work.

Webinar with Christiaan W. Lustig, co-author on the worlds first book on DEX. 

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