Theme meeting: Copilot: The good, the bad and the ugly

  • 24/09/2024
  • 10:00 to 11:30 CEST
  • Microsoft Teams

The good: Copilot is essential for modern workplaces. We’ll share use cases where it’s genuinely making a difference and how you can get going with Copilot.

The bad: Copilot is risky. There are some key risks and challenges to be managed. We show you the common ones and how to tackle.

The ugly: We can’t rely on Copilot alone. To really leverage it, we need to get our collaboration house in order. We need conversations as well as content. We’ll show you how to prepare for Copilot.

Key takeaways:

  • Tasty and practical ways to apply Copilot in your organisation
  • Strategies to pave the way for Copilot
  • Knowing the common risks that we need to manage
  • Collaborative practices to yield maximum value

Session by Nadine Soyez, Director and Consultant at Virtual Team Heroes and Andrew Pope, Consultant at Designing Collaboration. 

Nadine Soyez has been working as a management consultant since 2005, bringing many years of experience in various projects and collaborations with corporations and renowned management and IT consultancies. She makes complex technologies accessible to specialists and managers, aiming to fully utilize their potential. Her mission is to help leaders, teams, and specialists become “digitally fit” by developing the necessary digital skills and competencies, understanding new technologies and tools, and using them efficiently to save time and resources. Nadine bridges the gap between business and technology—two different languages that often talk past each other. Her strength lies in her ability to quickly empathize with a wide range of problems and business areas, identify new opportunities, and communicate complex topics in a simple manner.

Andrew Pope builds modern and collaborative working practices in Microsoft 365. He coaches digital leaders and teams practical skills and working practices to overcome common issues, such as ‘always on’, too many tools, lack of alignment and terrible meetings. He also designs strategies to boost collaboration in team and enterprise working tools as well as creating clear ways of work for hybrid and distributed teams. Andrew has advised and coached UK and Australian government departments as well as large multinationals on how to better leverage Microsoft 365 and to empower hybrid teams.


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