Content Governance

Microsoft 365 in global companies
  • 09/10/2024
  • 9:30am - 12:00pm CEST
  • Microsoft Teams
About the meeting

At this meeting we will focus on Content Governance with inspiration from The LEGO Group. We will hear about:

  • Where LEGO came from. 120 LEGO websites, 300+ editors, and 700,000 pieces of content without follow-up and ongoing maintenance
  • What they have done to handle it in relation to different governance policies: Auto-deletion of old content, ongoing revision of “evergreen” content, and ensuring a 2-owner policy for all intranet content
  • Where they want to go. New IA structure, full rollout of governance tool, and ongoing follow-up and assurance

Furthermore, we will share the participants’ knowledge about Microsoft 365.


09.30 Welcome to the meeting
09.35 Short presentation of each member and current challenges
09.50 Knowledge sharing, input and inspiration among the participants
10.15 Break
10.30 Theme: Content Governance
11.30 Networking and knowledge sharing among the participants
12.00 Thank you, and see you next time

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Consultants and vendors are not allowed as members of the group.