Breaking down the knowledge silos

  • 23/09/2024
  • 9:30am - 12:00pm CEST
  • Microsoft Teams
About the meeting

The members of the group will discuss breaking down the knowledge silos, including the following topics:

  • Knowledge Silos Formation: Knowledge silos arise in organizations due to departmental structures, geographical distribution, and a lack of communication channels, leading to isolated information pools.
  • Impacts and Identification: They can positively and negatively affect efficiency, innovation, and engagement. Identifiable by signs like repeated work, poor cross-departmental collaboration, or information hoarding.
  • Overcoming Silos: Technological solutions like intranet systems and knowledge management software, coupled with a culture of sharing and strong leadership, can help dismantle these silos. Success stories and strategies from companies and challenges and solutions are also crucial to consider.

Furthermore, we will share knowledge about Knowledge Management with the participants.


09.30 Welcome to the meeting
09.35 Short presentation of each member
09.50 Members help members with their challenges
10.15 Break

10.30 Theme: Breaking down the knowledge silos
11.30 Networking and knowledge sharing among the participants
12.00 Thank you, and see you next time

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Consultants and vendors are not allowed as members of the group.