What are and what will be the biggest challenges for the intranet/digital Workplace responsible in the forthcoming years?

Some of the speakers from IntraTeam Event Stockholm 2018 have answered questions regarding the intranet/digital workplace in the future. Below you can read what the speakers think about the question “What are and what will be the biggest challenges for the intranet/digital Workplace responsible in the forthcoming years?


Getting the people behind the scenes to talk to each other and work as a collective – IT, comms, HR etc with the best interests of employees at heart – Jacqui RandleScottish Government


To find the best way to integrate with other key apps –  Morten DalPANDORA


The biggest challenge is design a seamless, flexible and adaptable digital workplace that contributes to a positive employee experience – Oscar Berg, Unicorn Titans


Developing tech competencies; Becoming an agent of change, keeping up with new developments – Phil KroppOrangeTrail


Understanding and making use of all the new tools that are available in Office 365. And also managing all the team workplaces created in Teams and such as tools – Rikard SpålséusSwedish Match


Ensuring the digital workplace meets rapidly-changing employee expectations, and delivers for a changing workforce. Employee experience will be a key differentiator – Sharon O’DeaLithos Partners


Productivity and collaboration is the future of the intranet – content creation needs to develop new formats – Steffen Henke,Vodafone Germany


Following fast changing digital trends and offering such forms of intranets that will attract employees and engage them to use on daily basis – Agnieszka HaładusTrans.eu


Competing against increasingly sophisticated free web based alternatives. Employees will have lots of choices with how they want to work with each other digitally, they will have to have good reasons to come to the intranet instead –  David KennedyRedd Barna


Getting the search pinned down and creating efficient content– and data management. We really havn’t nailed it yet and still we have more data and content than ever – Cecilie Rask, Danish National Police


  1. To deal with complexity of interaction and communications between different unitsstakeholders,
    relevant participants 
  2. To get budget approved for developing and support the digital workplace 
  3. To deal with disparate IT systems and data that usually exists in corporate companies – Elena BogdanovaRivelty.Intranet

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