Will there be any changes to who is responsible for intranet/digital workplace in 3 years?

Some of the speakers from IntraTeam Event Stockholm 2018 have answered questions regarding the intranet/digital workplace in the future. Below you can read what the speakers think about the question “Will there be any changes to who is responsible for intranet/digital workplace in 3 years?”

Definitely employees responsible for intranet will have to be proficient at digital tools and solutions. People responsible for communication and organization culture will be supported by digital specialists– Agnieszka HaładusTrans.eu


Yes, I think there will be a rise in Digital Workplace function as a merge of IT/Comms and KM –  David KennedyRedd Barna


The trend of the Intranet moving from HR to Communication will continue.  I hope we’ll see more dedicated intranet/collaboration managers, as businesses  hopefully come to the realization that dedicated intranet resources will ensure the business ROI – Cecilie RaskDanish National Police


I think that will be some changes. I can see them already.
Intranet-manager’s responsibilities are getting closer to Product manager, who are answer not only for IC or IT part of the intranet, but manage intranet as product from it all sides. Key responsibilities of the intranet manager will be:
• setting the long-term vision and strategy
• communicating this strategy to all of the relevant participants and stakeholders
• managing everything from idea, concept, cost, design and developing for mass launch, promotion, support, marketing activities and moving to the next level
• achieving a planned return on investment for all the tools of intranet’s business customers.

I think that the ideal placement of the intranet manager in the organizational structure is in the digital transformational or in the strategy unit.

– Elena BogdanovaRivelty.Intranet


We’re moving towards a much more cohesive approach between different parts of our organization, marrying up our digital workplace with our physical workspace. So I see ownership as the digital workplace as being a joint effort between our IT, corporate communication and digital communication teams. The dream is that we all work together to deliver as best an employee experience as possible!  – Jacqui RandleScottish Government


Yes; new departments will be in charge of digital workspace experience –  Morten DalPANDORA


The digital workplace will become increasingly strategic to organizations. It’s an infrastructure for digital transformation since as it enables new (digital) ways of working together and plays a key role in attracting and retaining talent. Organizations that realize and act on this insight will most likely make the appropriate changes to the ownership. It will not be owned by the IT department or a separate business function – Oscar Berg, Unicorn Titans


see an emerging trend of comms people moving into IT and IT people moving into comms….this will continue – Phil KroppOrangeTrail


No, but the need for collaboration between the communications department and IT will increase if we are to make use of all the tools and features in Office 365 that are and will be available – Rikard SpålséusSwedish Match


There are signs of organisations taking experience more seriously. This could lead to brand and HR taking a greater interest in intranet and digital workplace than they have previously – Sharon O’DeaLithos Partners


 Good question. Internal Comms used to be quite active on the intranet, I believe they should take more responsibility for the Digital Workplace – Steffen Henke,Vodafone Germany

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