Takeaways from DEX2018 in Sydney – Part 5 – SWOOP Analytics

Fellow Dane Cai Kjaer, SWOOP Analytics spoke at DEX2018 about:

Obtaining real meaning from your enterprise social measurement (with a few surprises along the way!)

See how organisations measure and improve engagement and collaboration with tools like Yammer and Facebook for work. Rather than just measuring likes and comments, understand how to evaluate true outcomes and locate the informal community leaders and influencers in your organisation. Cai will share the benefits different types of organisations are achieving , and how they are adapting for the future.

The session will cover:

  • results of collaboration patterns across different enterprises and within business units
  • an evidence-based look at gender equality and inclusion
  • how people connect in the digital world

My notes

Unfortunately I did not hear this session from the beginning but from what I heard I was impressed. The tool is installed on top of Yammer or Workplace by Facebook and gives information about the usage of these tools.

Cai shared some insights he has got from all the data they have collected across all the organisations they work for:

  • Mentioning people gives 73% more replies
  • A question will make the thread 250% longer
  • An optimal message is 3 sentences long and has 173 characters

The administrative tool for SWOOP Analytics can tell you which department, business unit or group of employees that benefit from the ESN. And if you want to analyze and improve the usage and the benefit for the organization then you can see the number of

  • messages,
  • likes and
  • comments

about each person. This way you can spot the engaged people and those that needs help.

You can do an organizational mapping of the groups measuring:

  • Sentiment (Is the conversation positive or negative)
  • Reciprocity
  • Curiosity
  • Diversity

Cai also could tell us, that the women generally participated more than men. But men wrote the longest messages. Women interacts most with the other gender. Men do ask slightly more questions than Women.

SWOOP can also do network analysis for groups or compare men and women. Cai had done the latter and conclude, that women generally have better networks. Probably because they interact more with the other gender than men. The network analysis can also be used to see cross team collaboration.

Cai recommended that you teach the employees to do three likes and two comments for each post they write.

But you need a strategy for your measurements as Cai said:

“A GPS is of no value if you do not know where you want to go”

About Cai Kjaer

Cai Kjaer is the co-founder/CEO of SWOOP Analytics and co-founder of Optimice. SWOOP is a leading enterprise social network analytics platform that uses data from Microsoft Yammer and Workplace by Facebook to help organisations and their people to become better collaborators.

Cai maps collaboration patterns within and between organisations. Also a highly experienced Organisational Change practitioner, he has led organisations through large and complex business transformation projects.

Here is his presentation

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