Takeaways from DEX2018 in Sydney – Part 3 – Best of Russia: Rocking digital workplace cases

Elena Bogdanova, Rivelty.intranet is the only consulting firm in Russia working with intranets and she gave us some fact about Russia: 83 states, 37 government languages, 38% speaks English, has 18 neighbour contries, 11 time zones and temperatures from -50 degrees Celcius in the North to +37 degrees in the South. She also showed us how beautiful Russia is and recommended us some places to go.
Russia has 21 Nobel laureates, free high education and medicine guaranteed to every citizen. Russia is also #2 in highest educated people with 56% of the 25-64 year old highly educated.

According to surveys done by Rivelty the Russian companies in average spend AUD 110,000 yearly on intranets. 12% are implementing a digital workplace, 80% planning and only 7% uses Office 365. The intranet team sizes are small. (Two employees for 10,000 – 100,000 employees)

The Russians are do a very fundamental research and have almost endless rounds of approval when they make an intranet. As an example they had 44 versions of technical requirements for at staff directory. They spend 80% for preparation and 20% on implementation. They calculate ROI. The good planning gives a smooth launch and avoid tools duplication.
61% of the Russians use SharePoint, 30% have self-developed their platforms and 11% uses Bitrix.

Elena showed three examples of digital solutions one from a top-3 Russian internet company, another from a pizza chain and a public government organization.

Elena will share these cases at our international conference about intranet and digital workplaces IntraTeam Event Stockholm Oct. 2-4, 2018

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